Photo Art by Nepomuk Rothbaum

Highest quality for collectors

With his works of art, Nepomuk Rothbaum primarily addresses private and professional art collectors. But Rothbaum’s photographs also offer inspiration and joy to many other art lovers.
The limited photo editions (maximum of 10 per format) come with a numbered, signed and stamped certificate on the back of the images.
All photos & frames are made to the highest standards of craftsmanship by one of the world’s leading photo labs: Whitewall. Whitewall is a multiple winner of the TIPA World Awards 2013, 2017, 2020 & 2021.
Rothbaums unique linear panoramas enable the viewer a frontal view of the motif from every angle, creating a novel close-range view of urban spaces. The pictures are particularly impressive in large formats and are produced with a width of up to 4m. The exact sizes and formats of the motifs can be found in the gallery.
Collectors selection (thank you for contributing!):
Kanae Ikeda, Berlin (private collector)
Dr. Michael Pauseback, Berlin (private collector)
Dr. Christian Hartmann, Cologne (private collector)

Photo Development

Classic photo print

All motifs are developed as UltaHD photo prints. The innovative exposure process of “Whitewall” makes it possible to optimally use and emphasize all existing image data. The result is maximum clarity and realism. The “Fuji Crystal HD Archive Maxima Paper” is used for the UltraHD photo prints. This glossy paper allows for unprecedented sharpness of detail, especially in the shadow areas of the photo.

Frame & picture glazing

High quality frames

Depending on the size and motif, the pictures are framed in different ways. Rothbaum’s artist’s suggestion for the individual motifs can be found in the gallery. The large format panoramas are mainly framed as an Acrylic Glass Alu-Dibond combination. For medium-sized formats and motifs, Rothbaum often uses the “Basel” floater frame in combination with an Acrylic Glass Alu-Dibond picture. For small formats, on the other hand, the classic “Hamburg” wooden frame is primarily used in conjunction with a passepartout. If you have alternative frame requests, please write to us.

Acrylic Glass with Alu-Dibond

  • The ultraHD photo prints look particularly impressive under acrylic glass (2 or 4mm depending on the motif). The light and at the same time unbreakable material enhances the effect of the real photo print and emphasizes the color brilliance and depth of detail of the motif.
  • The very stable rear wall made of 3 mm thick aluminum Dibond consists of two coated aluminum plates with a polyethylene core.
  • The “Fuji Crystal HD Archive Maxima Paper” is used for the classic photo print.
Alu-DIbond with Acrylic Glass 2mm (glossy)_Feinkost_by Nepomuk Rothbaum

front, layers

picture hanging_acrylglas aluminium dibond

back, hanging

Floater Frame

  • The floater frame “Basel” in combination with an Acrylic Glass-Alu-Dibond picture looks discreet and elegant, but at the same time particular impressive.
  • A gap between the image and the frame creates the impression the picture is levitating.
  • The “Fuji Crystal HD Archive Maxima Paper” is used for the classic photo print.

floater frame, front

floater frame, back, hanging

Classic Frame with Passepartout

  • The classic wooden frame “Hamburg” with passe-partout sets the scene particularly impressively and gives the work of art an elegant and timeless look.
  • The wooden frames are one-offs and are made in Whitewall’s in-house joinery.
  • The passe-partout consists of acid-free and extremely light-resistant museum cardboard. The museum cardboard is given a precise bevel cut and is flush with the motif.
  • The high-quality matt float glass significantly reduces reflections.
  • The “Fuji Crystal HD Archive Maxima Paper” is used for the classic photo print.

classic frame with passepartout, front

classic frame with passepartout, back