Unique linear urban photo panoramas

Nepomuk Rothbaum

The photo artist Nepomuk Rothbaum has specialized in the representation of urban spaces and motifs. His powerful and aesthetic photographs show urban life in all its diversity. His trademark are images of urban landscapes in unique, large-format photo panoramas.

These are so-called parallel or linear panoramas (also: Route Panoramas). With this panorama type, several photos are digitally arranged so that they merge into a horizontal or vertical overall image. Classic cylindrical or spherical photo panoramas only ever allow the view from a single recording position. Rothbaum’s parallel panoramas, on the other hand, allow the viewer a frontal view of the motif from every angle. This creates seamless, spacious views which, according to the principles of optics, cannot actually exist, but which appear so realistic in Nepomuk Rothbaum’s pictures.

At Rothbaum, wide and large rooms, such as streets or walls, are condensed into impressive overall images and made visually tangible. The extraordinary motifs appear imposing and fascinating as large overall views. At the same time, the artist’s focus is on carefully selected individual elements: moments, scenes, actions, people, everyday or unusual objects. The individual motifs seem to be the focus, but in the panoramas they merge harmoniously into the larger picture. The pictures radiate calm and dynamism at the same time. Space and time merge into extraordinary and exciting photographs that look like “hidden object pictures” for adults.

In the design, appearance and selection of his pictures, Rothabum varied different techniques and styles. Many pictures are captivating with their strong and intense worlds of color. In other motifs he deliberately plays with reducing the color intensity. Calm and atmospheric shots are juxtaposed with dynamic and very lively motifs. Rothbaum attaches great importance to the highest technical and photographic quality in all photographs.

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